Nantes Park

Nantes Park, map

Visit Nantes Park in West Seattle at:

5062 SW Admiral Way

In 2006, the Alki Substation was inaugurated as Nantes Park. The Association helps maintain the Park through regular community weeding events. 

On March 25, 2021, Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle and Mayor Johanna Rolland of Nantes signed a joined proclamation committing to a continued partnership between Seattle and Nantes. The press release also detailed plans for the Nantes Park Beautification Project taking place this year.


The full press release and proclamation can be found on the Seattle Parks and Recreation website here.

In 2006, SNSCA president Bunny Schmidley, Council member Tom Rasmussen, and Nantes-Seattle President Mariette Cassourret plant a magnolia tree in Nantes Park.

Beautifying Nantes Park

Beginning in 2020, SNSCA launched the Nantes Park Beautification Project, which will  feature a paved park walkway, art installations that connect Seattle's Nantes Park and the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes, and student-submitted art tiles along the seat wall in time to welcome the Nantes-Delegation for the 40th anniversary celebration. The project will transform Nantes Park from a small, rarely used pocket park into something that is fun, kid-friendly, and reflective of the sister city relationship with Nantes. 

SNSCA thanks the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Seattle Parks and Recreation, the West Seattle Garden Tour, the City of Nantes, and the Admiral Neighborhood Association for their support in launching this exciting endeavor. 

The beautification project will conclude in Sept/Oct 2021 with the welcoming of the Nantes delegation for the 40th anniversary celebration, originally scheduled for October 2020. 

Connecting to Nantes through Shared Art

Inspired by the idea of increasing the park's connection to Nantes, the Seattle-Nantes Sister City Association is thrilled to work with Claude Ponti, beloved and prolific French children's author and illustrator. His influence has gone beyond literature and to museums and public spaces in Nantes and internationally, notably with his exhibits at the Jardin des Plantes and the Parc de Beaujoire in Nantes.
Five community reviews were held January-March 2021 to solicit feedback and posted our survey on the West Seattle Blog, the SNSCA website, and the SPR website.  We received 93 responses.  Thanks for your input! Based on the votes, comments, SPR requirements, and budget, we are presenting our final plans to SPR for approval on 7/13. 


Ponti's Les Totémimiques at the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes

Student Tile Project

Nearly a decade ago, former Seattle-Nantes President Tom Bennett wanted to beautify Nantes Park by having students design tiles to be placed along the sitting wall. This idea is finally being realized. Middle school and high school students from both the Académie de Nantes and Seattle are submitting tile designs that exemplify the connection between the two cities as they celebrate 40 years of friendship.

Ponti's fantastical creatures will leave their footprints in the wet cement of our walkway.

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