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Music from Nantes


Christine and the Queens

Probably the most famous artist on this list, Christine is now recognized internationally for her "freakpop", (think electro pop with a lot of edge).

In 2016, Christine was ranked number 1 in Vanity Fair's list of most powerful and influential French people who "promote French genius".


Jeanne Cherhal

The music of Jeanne Cherhal​ is more in line with classic French pop with piano and multi-instrument orchestrations. But its arguably in her lyrics, mixing humor and sadness, that she creates her own world.


Indie pop/rock

website | youtube



website | youtube

Arianna Monteverdi


website | youtube

Dominique A


website | youtube

Electro / Dance


Elephanz is an electro / pop duo formed in January 2008 by the two brothers Jonathan 'Jon' and Maxime 'Max' Verleysen. The brothers are the sole composers and songwriters of their albums. They are both vocalists, with Jonathan playing guitar and Maxime the keyboards.


This collaboration group consisted of 4 DJs, using each live performance to show their skills on the turntables. The band uses tailor-made LED-display systems to provide a dynamic visual representation of their performances. During the summer of 2012, the group toured around Europe performing in many sold-out events.


World / Jazz / Electro

website | youtube

Pony Pony Run Run

Electro / Pop

website | youtube



This duet is the new jewel of the Nantes rock scene. Hard not to be captivated by the energy of their songs, fueled with 70's rock with a modern touch. There might be only 2 of them but they will fill the stage with the energy of their live performances.


Mad Foxes

Mad Foxes is a Garage, Grunge & Post-Punk trio born in 2016... here comes the French noise!!!



Dolly was a popular rock band active in the late 90's and early 2000's. Dolly's vocalist Emmanuelle Monet has appeared in many collaborations, including a song together with Apocalyptica. She is now pursuing a solo career.


Disco Anti Napoleon

Indie rock.



Baptiste Trotignon

Jazz pianist.


Simon Moullier

Vibraphonist, producer, composer, and bandleader.


Classical music

ONPL Orchestra

The Orchestre national des Pays de la Loire (ONPL) is a symphony orchestra based in Angers and Nantes. The orchestra receives support from the Regional Council of the Pays de la Loire, the French Ministry of Culture (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles), the municipalities of Nantes and of Angers, and the General Councils of Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, and La Vendée.


Anger Nantes Opéra

The Angers-Nantes Opéra was created in January 2003 through the fusion of the opera companies of Angers and of Nantes, in order to give fresh impetus to the provision of opera throughout western France. The company uses a variety of performance spaces in the two cities, and across the region, but the main spaces are the 728-seat Grand Théâtre in Angers, and the 784-seat Théâtre Graslin in Nantes.


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