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SNSCA Board Members




Susan has loved France ever since studying in Grenoble while in university.  Her love of cooking and eating makes for a natural affinity with the country that has more than 1000 cheeses.  Susan appreciates that the sister city program allows her to visit France, both physically and virtually, not as a tourist but as a friend, to meet real people and truly understand another culture.  




David currently serves as SNSCA’s Secretary and has been a member since 2020. David joined SNSCA to learn more about and help support SNSCA’s cross-cultural exchanges and programming that bridge communities in Seattle and Nantes, with his primary interest being in developing international connections through shared cultural experiences. David’s favorite SNSCA project was working with brewers in both sister cities to create a collaboration beer (“8000km”) this past Summer.



Board Member

A board member since 2012, Larry served as president from 2016-2019. His involvement in SNSCA followed a 30 year professional career running international exchange programs at US and Canadian colleges and universities.  Larry enjoyed taking a lead role in bringing the work of Coast Salish and Makah artists to Nantes exhibitions in 2020-2021, and in the development of the 'Seattle-Nantes Colla-beer-ation' over the same period.


Marsella LOGAN

Membership Chair

Marsella serves as SNSCA's Membership Chair,  and supports various other activities, including the tile project and the oral history project. She was the Goldmark Scholarship recipient in 2017, and then interned before joining the board. Marsella works for F5 in a business capacity and for the Sounders.

Tom Waite, photo_edited.jpg


Board Member

Tom is our eyes and ears in Nantes so to speak, as he travels back and forth every 3 months or so. Tom is a retired lawyer for Boeing.



Vice President

Alaina studied abroad in Nantes while attending UW, which initiated her interest in the Association. She taught for two years in France in Montluçon and Sarlat-la-Canéda. Alaina is the chair of the Scholarship Committee.




Susan is a long time member and currently on the Scholarship Committee. She has traveled extensively in France. Susan is a UW graduate and a recently retired accountant.


Margaret JOHNSON

Board Member

Margaret has been a Board Member of SNSCA for over 10 years, serving as Event and Volunteer Coordinator. Having studied in Paris as an exchange student during college, she continues a life-long interest in all aspects of French language, literature, and culture. She is passionate about building ties between Seattle and Nantes through this sister city relationship.



Board Member

Born and raised in Nantes, Julien now lives in West Seattle, blocks away from the Nantes Park. He is currently responsible for the SNSCA website and looking at ways to facilitate music exchanges between the cities.

Bunny Schmidley, photo.jpeg


Board Member

Bunny is a long time member of SNSCA since 1995. She has returned to the Board after previously serving as President from 2004-2005. Having traveled extensively in France, she has lived in Nantes for 6 months and Paris for 2 years. Greatly enjoying her friendships made in France, she hopes to facilitate others in creating new friends in Nantes. She is looking forward to working on an artist exchange for the 45th Anniversary of the twinning of our ci

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