Seattle-Nantes Colla-beer-ation


Beer, the most ancient of beverages, is at the heart of our latest endeavor to acknowledge four decades of jumelage between our cities.

SNSCA members tapped (pun intended) brewers Chris Engdahl (Lantern Brewing in Seattle) and Stéphane Blanc (Bubar in Nantes), and they have hopped to it!  Linked by Zoom, these creative entrepreneurs (all the while doing their best to keep their respective businesses alive given the unprecedented challenges of 2020) have identified both a beer style and distinctive ingredients emblematic of our regions.  The cranberries of Washington and the grey sea salt of Guérande will be deftly incorporated into a gose, a light, refreshing German beer style, once obscure but now enjoying popularity in beer circles worldwide.  

Brewed and bottled in each city from a common recipe, our beer is available now in bottles and on tap at Lantern Brewing in Seattle and Bubar in Nantes.  The bottle label is by Tang Artwork in Nantes.  Wondering what all the landmarks on the label are?  Scroll down for a list and see if you can find them all!


Musée d'arts, Space Needle, International District, Tram, Grue Jaune, MoPop, Les Anneaux, Salt ponds, Monorail, Smith Tower, l'éléphant des machines de l'île, Pike Place market, Tour Bretagne, Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, Mt. Rainier, "A Salish Welcome", and more.