Past Scholarship Recipients

Our scholarships are a great benefit to the recipients.

Adriana Elliott writes, “The scholarship has allowed me to focus solely on French instead of dividing my time between studying and work. I can now look confidently at the opportunities that will open for me as a true francophone.”


Natalie Riel writes, “I try to read Le Monde often for a different perspective on current issues. I am looking forward to putting my French language skills to use in a program that will allow me, in Africa or elsewhere, to help developing nations.”


Sharanya Sarathy writes, “Here in Nantes, I am improving my spoken and written French, and adjusting fully to a different culture. I can hardly wait for the day I will be able to come back here to live and work, at least part of the time.”

Sierra Dodd, Goldmark recipient, spent autumn of 2016 studying in Nantes. She writes, "I have loved every moment of it. I wanted to thank you and the Seattle Nantes Sister City Association again for the generous scholarship." 
Here are some photos she took while in Nantes.
Larry Laffrey, president of Seattle-Nantes Sister City Association, presents Marsella Quinones with the Goldmark Scholarship.


Amelia Gilbert, Thomas H. Bennett Scholarship

Greta Scheve, Goldmark Scholarship

Shahrzed Tehrani, Goldmark Scholarship


Hannah Holmgren, Seattle Pacific University


Emma Shipman

Lia Koklic



Sophia Mahr, Pacific Lutheran University

Laura Phillips, Seattle Pacific University

Marsella Quinones, University of Washington


Elmer Coria-Islas

Sierra Dodd

Allison Hall

Erina Horikawa

Emma Van Orden


Sharanya Sarathy, University of Washington Sophie Donohue 

Adriana Elliott

Megan Gleason, Whitman College

Natalie Riel



Trevor McAllister-Day, University of Washington

Bethany Liggard, University of Washington

Megan Herndon, University of Washington



Sammi Clute, Whitman College

Madison Hagen, Gonzaga University

Stephanie Mock, Pacific Lutheran University



Ali Graff, Washington State University

Lauren Moses, University of Washington

Natalie Andrus, Central Washington University

Sylvia Stellmacher, University of Washington



Griffin Taylor, University of Washington

Ari Kamaliazad, University of Washington

Sophie Kangas, Western Washington University

Jess Wagner, Seattle Pacific University

Dana Talant, University of Washington

Brent Kirschenbaum, University of Washington



Afton Tyler, University of Washington

Gennie Gebhart, University of Washington

Melissa Peterson, University of Washington

Anne Gaskins, Whitman College

Rachel Ann Craig, University of Washington

Faika Anna Mukendi, University of Washington



Heather Lee, University of Washington

Preston Albertine, University of Washington

Molly Gibson, University of Puget Sound

Emily Kramer, University of Washington

Jaclyn Eruhow-Hagan, University of Washington



Evelina Miropolsky, Whitman College

Ioana Nitulescu, University of Washington

Ann Bauer, University of Washington

Jessica Anderson, University of Washington

Katina Mathieson, University of Washington



Desiree Olson, University of Washington

Chase Parker, Seattle University

Linnea Post, Seattle Pacific University

Elizabeth St. Clair, University of Washington

Garrett Studhalter, University of Washington

Samantha Rayner, University of Washington



Jessica Anderson, University of Washington

Nicole Beaudoin, University of Washington

Stephanie Kim, University of Washington

Chelsea Leahy, Whitworth College