Seattle-Nantes Sister City Association offers three of scholarships to Washington State residents who plan to study in Washington or in Nantes. There is a limit of one scholarship per person, so please only apply to the scholarship that best represents your qualifications.
Goldmark Scholarship
College or university students in Washington planning to study in Nantes, France are encouraged to apply. The scholarship honors candidates who have a commitment to sharing the ties between Seattle and Nantes.
Frances Bennett Scholarship
College students and graduating high school seniors who will continue their study of French in a college or university in Washington are encouraged to apply. The Frances Bennett Scholarship is awarded to candidates who have a passion for the French language and culture and want to pass on their love of French to others particularly those who will enter a service profession such as teaching or medicine or have overcome significant hardship in order to continue their studies.
Dr. Thomas H. Bennett Scholarship
High school or college students who will travel to a francophone country to pursue French studies and have a passion for French language, learning, and travel.

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